Changing the face of our town via consultation and monitoring  

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Biggleswade Town Plan Background

In 2000 the Government published the Rural White Paper to set out their vision for the countryside and rural areas. This vision included setting up a process to enable people to become fully involved in developing their own community and to give them the opportunity to shape the decisions that affect them. In response to this, in July 2001, the Countryside Agency commenced the Parish and Town Plan initiative.

Community planning has been around for many years. Parish and Town Plans have evolved from previous work such as Village Appraisals, Design Statements and Market Town Health Checks. Town Plans provide valuable information that can be used to inform the development of the Sustainable Community Strategy, the Local Development Framework, local planning decisions and negotiation of Section 106 Agreements.

A Town Plan is a document outlining what the community sees happening over the next few years. It is an opportunity for the whole community to voice their opinion on what action they wish to see taken in their local area. It may include everything that is relevant to the people who live and work in the community. It can include any social, environmental or economic issues.

It is up to the community to determine what is important to them and to work in partnership with local authority agencies and service providers to produce the Town Plan that:

Who produces & Monitors the plan?

A group of volunteers from the town  came forward to form the Biggleswade Town Plan Steering Group. The group also incorporates a couple of members of the Town Council and is supported by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity.

The objective of the Steering Group is to identify, through consultation, the views held by residents and incorporate these into the Town Plan document. Any resident in the town may join the group and their help will be welcomed. Click on the "Offer of Help" link above, contact the Steering Group chairman whose details may be found on the Contacts page.